I'm still waiting for you guys. Believe me, this is a Community Server and is not a business. I just want to see you play my server, which makes me happy. I created this independently (with Open Source and some modifications), especially for my anti-cheat..
A lot of effort I used here to understand how it works, but thanks to the other open source code because of them, they make it easy to understand what programming is.

What makes a programmer happy???
People are using their program/development apps.



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Download Now!

IF not working kindly extract this to quarantinero folder - Client Security and DLL
Client Security and DLL > PASSWORD IS: quarantinero

Welcome to Quarantine RO!

Upcomming Update

I am planning to UP the WOE.
Treasure Box will drop MVPs Card with a high percentage.
But we still need more players. For now, prepare your items/gears.

About Us!

I still have no idea what I should say in the ABOUT US.
I want to make Quarantine RO will become an almost COMMUNITY SERVER, and this project is not a BUSINESS what you think.
I Hope you ENJOY playing with us, and let's be friends.

We have anti-cheat but not the same as on the other server.
You can suggest anything you want as long as it suits our server, but please be patient; I'm just one developer here.

Website looks so ugly?
Yes but this is temporary; I have focused lately on Server and own Client Security (Hope will work because I sacrifice my time, blood, and mental health).
Performance is better than looks, Right? So the website is not my priority. But still under construction.

Story of QuarantineRO.

I started this project in 2020 as PRE-RE, but I stopped because of my work; besides that, I want to learn and understand C++. I'm just an ordinary NodeJs&php programmer, so shifting to C++ is hard; thanks to the open source, It is a BIG THANKS to THEM. My goal here is to gain more knowledge in programming skills .

And Yep! my decision is going to RENEWAL. Why? It is because there are many features there. A hybrid server (Mix pre-re and renewal) is a lot of modification, Calculating damage, Hard Defense, Etc.

Please stay with us, and please do not compare us to other servers. But you can suggest anything as long it suits our server. (Your suggestion is our strength)

Please report to us, if you find any bugs or something fishy.